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Our speaker for February 25th

Posted 8th February 2021

Vulcan AircraftGeorge Martin was originally from the Isle of Bute and during his 29 years service in the Royal Air Force he worked on an impressive array of aircraft: the VC10, Brittania, Belfast, Harrier, Jet Provost, Bulldog, Tucano, Canberra, Victor and finally the subject matter of his talk the Vulcan. Later he became the British Airways Chief Instructor on the Boeing 747-400. He also had careers in Training at the European Centre for Aerospace and in Bahrain.

Finally, he set up a school for Drones. That’s one impressive CV and this is one Meeting you must not miss.

Once again this meeting will take place virtually, via the Zoom.

If you would like to attend then, as in the past, drop an email to our Chairman to register your interest (by using the Contact Form on this page).

He will send out the Zoom access details, on the day.

Our Environment Group: Village Waste

Posted 8th February 2021

Zero Waste Addingham is a sub group of the Society’s Environment Group.

‘Zero Waste’ is concerned with reducing waste of all kinds and at all stages in the production process. It is an integral part of a shift towards a “circular economy” in which overall consumption is reduced, products are designed to be re-used or recycled and nothing ends up in landfill. As an example aluminium foil is endlessly recyclable and recycling uses only 5% of the energy it takes to produce foil from raw materials.

As a community we should all be striving to REDUCE, REUSE, and then RECYCLE as this diagram shows:

Reduce Reuse Poster

Just to remind you that there are a number of places in the village to recycle unwanted / end of life goods.

Recycling points poster

Recycling BinIIkley, Milestone Design (opposite Lishmans) is a collection point for the following items: Confectionery wrappers, KP snack packets, Ella’s Kitchen pouches, cheese packaging, Baby Bel packaging, plastic can wrappers.

Bradford Council is reporting – perhaps unsurprisingly – that contamination in our bins has increased since the onset of the COVID pandemic. We need to be recycling 50% of our waste so it is important that we strive to put the right waste in the right bin. In the village we are currently recycling around 30% of waste by weight. We have, therefore, a challenge on our hands!

To remind us what we can recycle the Council has produced a sticker for our recycling bins.

Don Barrett's Village Walks Book

Posted 8th February 2021

Walks Around AddinghamMany people will be aware of Don’s excellent publication of a collection of popular circular walks from Addingham Village. For those of you who don’t already have a copy or are unaware of its availability perhaps now is the time to consider acquiring one ! We are probably all walking more in the current circumstances and because of this we thought we would just bring this book to your attention !

It’s 70 pages, with the walks expertly presented and described, each one is accompanied by an Ordnance Survey map and wonderful photography.

The book was first published in March 2018 and just recently Don has made some changes and improvements to the routes and directions. They will of course be incorporated in the next edition of this book. The existing book will come with a short insert setting out the revisions.

For those of you who already have a copy of this brilliant book then you can download these revisions from Don’s Village Website :

For those of you who can’t access the internet then just get in touch with the Chairman and he’ll arrange to get you a copy of the revisions.

Happy walking.

Best kept village award....

Posted 8th February 2021

Best Kept Village AwardThe Best Kept Village Award is in the form of an ornate ‘post’ (for the want of a better word !) on a slightly elevated site at the bottom of Old Station Way. Well, it desperately needs some TLC so we plan to undertake this work in the Spring. Up until a year or so ago there was a wooden bench in front of the award which sadly lost its battle with the elements and was removed by the Parish Council. To coincide with our refurbishment plans we are delighted to report that a replacement wooden bench is to be donated by residents, Lesley and Clive Loughlin. The bench will be in memory of Lesley’s Mum who sadly died in May last year. The Society has of course secured the necessary permissions from the Parish Council.

Here is a super photo of the Award and the original bench which was taken back in 1997 when the Village won the competition.

January Zoom Meeting

Posted 14th January 2021

Following on from the success of November’s ‘Virtual’ presentation we have as you can see from the poster, arranged another on-line session this month and it’s on Thursday the 21st January at 7.30pm. It features none other than representatives from our Environment Group who will provide an update on the Group’s activities. It promises to be a fascinating evening and if you would like to ‘attend’ then please send an email, using the Contact Form on this page, just to confirm you would like to join in. The Chairman will then send out the details about how to get on-line on the afternoon of the Meeting.

Zoom Meeting Thursday 21st January 2021

Crayfish in our becks

Posted 14th January 2021

CrayfishOur Environment Group has been working with Bristol University on the distribution of invasive Signal crayfish in our becks. PhD students at Bristol University are developing novel methods of detecting crayfish using environmental DNA (eDNA) from filtered water samples.

The students spent a week with us in early September taking samples from our four main becks.

We have known for a long time that there were populations of invasive crayfish in Town Beck and Back Beck, but we wanted to find out how far up the becks the crayfish had moved and whether they had invaded Lumb Beck.

After months of lab work back in Bristol they have now sent us the results (see map). They detected crayfish DNA at all sites where crayfish were found by hand sampling (see a small one in Jack’s hand!) in Town Beck and Back Beck.

The good news is that crayfish haven’t (yet) moved up Town Beck beyond the Townhead Trading Estate or up Back Beck beyond Bridge 55. The long culvert at Townhead and the high step at Bridge 55 may be acting as barriers.

The bad news, however, is that crayfish DNA was found in Lumb Beck. No crayfish were found by hand sampling and we have not had any sightings of crayfish in Lumb Beck. This is a worrying discovery as there are no barriers to upstream movement in Lumb Beck.

Crayfish map of locations

Village Newsletter

Posted 14th January 2021

We’ve already started planning for the next Village Newsletter, due out around the middle of March and as you know it’s a combined effort by the Addingham Civic Society and the Parish Council. There are a team of 20 + volunteers who hand deliver the Newsletter twice a year to every household in the Village. A number of residents who live in the more outlying areas get theirs posted. It’s a big logistical exercise as you can imagine but it works pretty well now.

So, if you or you know someone who would like to contribute to the next edition then please do get in touch before the end of this month if possible.

The Methodist Church Christmas Appeal

Posted 14th January 2021

You will all remember the Church’s fantastic appeal for ‘Christmas Treats’  a couple of weeks or so before Christmas. Well, we can report that once again the Village’s response was truly amazing, as you can see from the heavily ladened tables shown on the photo (!) and here is a short message from the Church:

Methodist Church

‘Thank you to everyone who supported our collection of Christmas Treats for the Salvation Army food bank.

So many people cannot even afford a basic weekly food shop but with the joint help of the Salvation Army and your generosity they will have enjoyed something extra special with their food bank delivery over Christmas.

We at the Methodist Church hope that you all had a happy, peaceful and healthy Christmas and we wish you the same for 2021’.

Pétanque ‘Court’

Posted 14th January 2021

Petanque CourtWe are all looking forward to the Spring when we can re-start our Pétanque activities and all going well, thanks to a wonderful gesture from a good friend of the Society, Harry, we’ll have two new benches to make use of. We are just waiting for the permanent bases for the benches to be laid, so it’s rather exciting ! In the meantime we have erected our very own permanent Pétanque sign next to the Court or should we say ‘Terrain’… you can see from the photo. Looks good don’t you think ?